Mobility Safety Light


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Automatically light your way with Mobility Light attached to your walker or cane

The Mobility Light automatically turns itself on when it senses low light conditions,  and turns itself off after 30 seconds if there is no motion or when it senses a well lit environment. 

Hands Free lighting for your walker or cane

Hands Free Mobility Light can be used on walkers, rollator walkers, canes, wheelchairs and some scooters.  The See4Safety light attaches easily and securely with a foam padded spring clamp on the underside of the light.
Mobility Light has an on/off switch for you to manually turn on the light.  The light will illuminate when it detects motion.  It will automatically turn off if no motion is detected or the light condition becomes well lit. 
The See4Safety Light derives from patented motion and light activated technology.  There are three super bright, long life LEDS to enhance visibility.  The unit runs on two standard AAA batteries which are included.
Mobility Safety Light is small and lightweight at three inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter.  The color is silver/aluminum gray and black.
One year limited warranty.

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