Leg Wrap Positioning Aid for Paralysis

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Leg Wrap positioning aid for paralysis, hemiplegia

Positioning aid with two easily grasped handles enable lifting your leg without having to pull on your clothing.

The Leg Wrap is an adaptive positioning aid intended for individuals with hemiplegia, paraplegia, hemiparesis or paraparesis who have limited or no use of their leg(s).

The leg wrap attaches to your leg in three places assisting you in positioning your leg. The positioner also aids in tranferring to and from your bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair, toilet seat, etc.

Adaptive positioning and transferring aid

The leg wrap has an upper and a lower handle which allows you to control moving your leg(s), thereby reducing or eliminating bruising and injury caused by grabbing and dropping your legs.

The Leg Wrap handles eliminate the need to grab your clothing, giving you a better grasp and preventing damage to your clothing.

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