CaneTube Cane Holder for your Walker

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CaneTube attaches to your walker to stow your cane

The CaneTube cane holder, for your walker, solves a problem for those individuals who use both a cane and a walker.

CaneTube works with almost all walkers, traditional or rollator

CaneTube fits most walkers, both the raditional aluminum and rollator walkers. It snaps onto your walker with solicone coated (so it won't scratch the finish)clips. The clips hold tight and are very adjustable.

The CaneTube is constructed of lightweight aluminum ensuring that your walker's balance is true. The placement of one clip is adjustable up to 12 inches with a simple turn of a screw. Just loosen the screw and slide the clip to a position that will hold your CaneTube securely onto your walker.

The opening for your cane is 2" in diameter and the holder is 18 inches long. All single shaft canes with rubber tips will fit into the CaneTube.

The CaneTube is portable

The cane holder is easily removed and attached to a different walker.

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