3 Inch Rear Walker Wheels with Spring Loaded Brakes

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Three inch diameter rear walker replacement wheels - with brakes!

Height adjustable!

Made for walkers with 1 inch diameter tubing.

Spring loaded brake engages when weight is applied

The 3" rear wheel assembly has a spring loaded brake that engages when weight is applied to the handgrips.

The height can be adjusted to fit just about any height walker.  Adjustable in one inch increments up to five inches.

Walker replacement wheels with brakes and Easy Assembly!

No tools needed for assembly; just remove the walker leg extensions from the rear legs of your walker.  Slide the wheel assembly leg over the walker leg by pressing the height adjustment push-button pins on the walker legs.  Adjust the wheel assembly in 1 inch increments to your desired height and lock the pins into place

The wheel brake assembly is constructed of aluminum tubing.  A high density, durable, plastic covers the spring mechanism  and is light gray in color.  The brake tip and tires are rubber.  

These are very sturdy, well made walker wheels.

Maximum weight capacity - 250 lbs.  Comes in a package of two.

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